Good free Windows Software. Thomas at work suggested I should list my recommended Windows software on my homepage. Here it is. But I won't be updating it much since I just switched to Linux.


OpenOffice - complete Office suite
AbiWord - Word processor
Gnumeric - Spreadsheet (Doesn't handle non-english characters well, yet?)


PDFCreator - PDF Writer (Creates PDF:s from any program that can print)
FoxitReader - PDF Reader (Faster and uses less resources than Adobe Acrobat)


CDburnerXPPro - Similar to Nero but not as many functions
ImgBurn - Advanced, mostly aimed at burning CD/DVD-images (not photos)


ExactAudioCopy - Most accurate Audio CD ripper
Audacity - Audio editor
MP3Gain - Adjust MP3-files to the same volume without re-encoding
Foobar2000 - Audio player with clean interface
Lame MP3 - Best MP3 codec
NeroDigitalAudio - Very good AAC codec
MediaMonkey - Music library (*)
Creative Zen Legacy Drivers - Creative ZVM MTP drivers for Windows < XP (*)

(*) Noted here only because this is one of few Softwares that can sync MTP devices in Windows 2000. I only use this software to be able to transfer audio & video to my Creative Zen Vision:M portable player. This otherwise great device is flawed only because it only supports the Microsoft MTP transfer protocol to transfer files to and from the device. MTP is only supported natively in Windows XP and later.


XnView - Image viewer, converter and simple editor
GIMP - Advanced Photo/image editor, more aimed at processing photos than Paint.NET
NeatImage - Noise reduction for digital cameras
JAlbum - Creates web albums of your photos
JPEG Lossless Rotator - Rotates your JPEGs from your Digital Camera so that they are always displayed correctly
VCDEasy - Create Video-CD:s, nowadays only useful for creating Photo VCD, playable in DVD players without JPEG support.


Firefox - Web Browser
Thunderbird - E-mail client
FileZilla - FTP client
EasyPHP - Easy installation of PHP and Apache on Win32 (useful for web development)

Sony Ericsson

MyPhoneExplorer - Replaces pretty much all official software from SE, and this one actually works...


7-zip - Compression utility, supports ZIP and several other formats. Highlight is the internal format 7zip which is opensource and compresses better than ZIP
CCleaner - Cleans Windows from crap files
GParted - Partion Manager (linux based boot-CD)
HDDScan - Enable/Disable features of your harddrive without reboot
ReNamer - Powerful batch file renaming utility
SyncBack - Synchronize folders and/or backup utility
Ultimate Boot CD - Bootable CD, packed with useful system applications
Quick Shutdown - Quickly shutdown/restart Windows with keyboard shortcuts or from tray menu


Comodo Personal Firerwall - Firewall with easy interface and high security (*)
Avast Antivirus - Antivirus with low resource usage, high detection rate (*) and nice interface
Spybot - Scans and removes Spy/Adware, also immunizer
SpywareBlaster - Spy/adware immunizer
(*) Currently (August 2007) high rankings at different test sites, may not be true in the future!



Media Player Classic - Plays most Video files without the need of additional codecs
VideoLAN Client - Plays many Video files, but also broken AVI (eg unfinished downloads)


DVDFlick - Create video DVD from any video file
SUPER - Converts any video file to format playable on Mobile Phones, PDA etc


DVDAuthorGUI - DVD authoring (simple)
GUI for DVDauthor/MuxMan - DVD authoring (advanced)
MuxMan - DVD authoring, very simple but best authoring engine available
HCEnc - MPEG2 encoder (requires AviSynth)
QuEnc - MPEG1,2 and AC3 encoder (requires AviSynth)


VirtualDub - Video editing/processing
CutAssistant - Simple editing using Virtualdub as engine
CutterMaran - Lossless editing of MPEG2 / AC3 (DVD)
ProjectX - MPEG2 demuxer
AviSynth - Scriptbased video processing (very powerful)


ffdshow - Decodes anything...
Quicktime Alternative - only Quicktime codecs, not the player
Real Alternative - only Real codecs, not the player
XviD - MPEG4/XviD encoder